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      Zhejiang Tianqi Rotational Mould Co., Ltd

      Thank u for considering Zhejiang tianqi rotational mould co.,ltd for your commercial playground supplier.
      Zhejiang TIANQI Rotational Mould Co., Ltd, covers over 20000㎡and located in Linhai city east coast of China. With over 20 years experience in children play equipment field, Now our production range are over 20 series, Thousands attractive design.



      With third party certificated CE, ISO, GS EN1176
      from TUV, SGS factory audited and so on, TIANQI
      products are welcomed by domestic and
      overseas market.

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      Zhejiang TIANQI Rotational Mould Co., Ltd, covers
      over 20000㎡and located in Linhai city
      east coast of China.

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      Over 150 workers including a group of technicians
      with averagely 8 years experience in rotational
      mould field carry out this main principle strictly and
      result in good quality of products and service.

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      latest news

      outdoor playground with swing

      Jan 19,2018

      outdoor playground with swing bring more fun for kids,Playground is the place emitting glamour with love, happiness and memories.

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      Our ProductsAll products

      Our commercial playground equipment is designed and built with you in mind,whether you’reintroducing little ones to play for the first time or seeking a challenging system for experienced playground warriors

      outdoor playground equipment TQ-ZR1230

      outdoor playground equipment TQ-ZR1230


      customized size and colors

      plastic slide with swing TQ-ZR1226

      plastic slide with swing TQ-ZR1226


      SIZE:1010*755*550CM Galvanized Steel Pipe, Aluminum Caps and Fastenings, LLDPE Plastic Parts

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